Ben Wilfong

Graduate Student

Atlanta, Georgia


About Me

I am a first year Ph.D. student studying Computational Science and Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. My research is on modeling of multicomponent fluids using a seven model which generalizes Navier-Stokes. When I'm not busy with school or research I enjoy spending time outdoors camping, hiking, and climbing or indoors playing board games.

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Relevant Work Experience

Defence Science and Technology Intern - Lawrence Livermore National Lab

June 2022 - August 2022

In this position I taught myself how to use ALE3D for the purposes of modeling a high explosive point to line generator with the purpose of accelerating flyer plates for the measurement of dynamic material properties. Presentation

Summer Intern - Lawrence Livermore National Lab

June 2021 - August 2021

In this position I performed all-atom and coarse-grain molecular dynamics calculations using LAMMPS to model polymerization for volumetric additive manufacturing.


Ph.D. Computational Science and Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology
August 2022 - Current

Numerical Linear Algebra (current)

Modeling and Simulation (current)

Computational Science and Engineering Algorithms (2022)

Viscous Fluid Flows (2022)

(2022) Implementation and Analysis of Exact and Approximate Minimum Vertex Cover Algorithms PDF

B.S. In Mechanical Engineering and Computational Science

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
August 2018 - May 2022

- Linear Algebra (Spring 2022)

- Introduction to Computational Modeling (Spring 2022)

- Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics (Winter 2021)

- Finite Element Methods for Engineering Applications (Winter 2021)

- Introduction to Parallel Computing (Spring 2021)

- Foundations of Fluid Mechanics (Fall 2020)

- Boundary Value Problems (Spring 2020)

- Finite Difference Methods (Winter 2019)

- Numerical Analysis (Winter 2019)

- Introduction to Computational Science (Fall 2019)

- (2022) Modeling Flocking Behaviour With the Boids Algorithm PDF

- (2022) Modeling Airflow and Lift to Design a Wing for Human Powered Flight PDF

- (2022) Modelnig Waves and Thermal Dissipation with Partial Differential Equations PDF

- (2022) Modeling Stonk Prices Using Stochastic Differential Equations PDF

- (2022) Modeling Using Delayed Differential Equations PDF

- (2022) Modeling Magnetic Phase Transitions PDF

- (2021) Finite Element Analysis of a Cart Frame PDF

- (2021) A Second Order Solution to the Lid Driven Cavity Problem PDF

- (2020) The Rectilinear Steiner Tree Problem PDF